Using VoiceThread in ECE

What is VoiceThread?

  • Free, web-based tool for online conversations around images, videos, and documents
  • Provides opportunities for others to leave comments

Why use VoiceThread?

  • Effective tool for sharing ideas and creations
  • Way for children to practice oral storytelling
  • Opportunity to receive feedback
  • Simple and free
  • Can be shared easily with family and friends

Voice Thread Tools and Features

  • Moderator of a thread can decide which comments are public
  • Can be integrated with Moodle learning management system
  • Thread creator and commenters can doodle to mark specific items in a thread
  • Threads can be embedded in other websites

Getting Started with VoiceThread

  • Create a free account (in order to save threads and comment on others' threads)
  • Browse others' threads - look and listen
  • Post comments to threads that interest you (phone, mic, text, audio file, or webcam)
  • "Subscribe" to threads you want to visit again - click the "menu" wheel and choose "subscribe"

Creating Your Own VoiceThread

  • Click "Create" on the main page
  • Upload a photo, image, video, or document
  • Click "Comment" to add your comments
  • Doodle while commenting to highlight certain features
  • Save your comments
  • Share the thread with others

Creative Ideas for Using Voice Thread

VoiceThread Tutorials

Voice Thread Examples