NAEYC 2015 Annual Conference Presentation:(Thursday, November 19, Orlando, Florida)
Showcasing Innovative Technologies:
Emerging Tools that Empower Learning

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Technology Position statement

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Mark Bailey: Distinguished University Professor, Pacific University, Oregon. Director Pacific University Child Learning and Development Center.
Bonnie Blagojevic: Early Childhood Education Consultant, Morningtown Consulting, Apple Distinguished Educator, Adjunct Faculty University of Maine
Diane Bales: Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Science, and Human Development Specialist, UGA Extension,The University of Georgia,
Warren Buckleitner: Editor, Children's Technology Review

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Mark Bailey - Listen, Empower, Go Deep. View PDF of Mark's Presentation

The presentation began with a description of a study in the Journal of Pediatrics describing the ubiquitous use of technology by very young children.
I renewed my call for educators to Listen, Empower, Go Deep:
- listen to all the languages that your students use, and observe what their interests and needs are.
- When their needs can be supported with a technological tool, seek to empower their learning with a high-quality selection
- Allow them time in extended playful experiences, to go deeply into meaningful explorations.
Multiple new tools: goard.gifnumbers.gifRig2.jpgScope.gifalpha.jpgbee.jpg
1. SMART Panel 6050: 65” LED, 4K Ultra HD, capable of 4 touch points, utilizes Dual color pens, connectable through HDMI and USB 2.
Strengths: Versatile Classroom Centerpiece, Visually Amazing, Displays anything, Easy to use.
Weakness: Expensive
2. Osmo Numbers: Interface is a game format, Progressive difficulty, From dots to numerals, Designed to support counting, addition, multiplication, concatenation
Strengths: Student-centered numeracy work, Fosters divergent problem solving, Cost is reasonable, Platform is a good idea but it is still not fully realized.
Weakness: No individual accounts, Sound, theatrics, & bomb are distracting
3. Rigamajig: Wooden erector set, Nylon bolts & nuts, Ropes, pulleys, wheels GO TO BLOG
Strengths: Open ended materials for creative design & construction, Excellent quality materials, Very cleverly designed, inherently motivating
Weakness: Expensive
4. Proscope EDU, Wired, USB 2.0, Adjustable stand, Computer screen, Resolution 2592 x 1444, Live, images, and 30 fps video GO TO BLOG Bee Work Blog
Strengths: Opening up hidden worlds to playful exploration, Easy to hold and place, High resolution, Stand allows hands-free, Focus flexible yet challenging, Affordable!!

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Diane Bales - Using Technology to Build Classroom Community

View PDF of Diane's Presentation



Warren Buckleitner

The Four 'Bs' at NAEYC 2015: Emerging Technology for Young Children


Bonnie Blagojevic - Working Together: Family Engagement, Community Partnerships and Communities of Practice

Comienza en Casa, It Starts at Home Spring 2015 "Integrated technology use (iPads) into a curriculum that provides parents of migrant preschool and Kindergarten children with activities and information to promote their child’s school readiness at home." Learn more about this project from Mano en Mano funded by Maine Migrant Education, and community partnerships with the local elementary school and the Milbridge Public library.


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Smart Numbers
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